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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have You Noticed That It's MY Phone ?

I've noticed something weird.

We used to say "The Phone". As in "Answer the phone."

No one says that anymore. I guess it's because we're all on cell phones now, even if you're like us and have that antique item - the HOME PHONE. The husband and I each have "our" phone and I'm sure sooner rather than later the oldest boy will have "his" phone.



When I was in middle school my dad got me my own phone line. I thought it was fairly amazing. MY OWN PHONE LINE. His reasons for doing this weren't really that fatherly. He was a bail bondsman an needed the phone to do business. So getting me a simple phone line let me yack on the phone to my friends and he could call the families of drunks and whores to arrange payment of bail.

So I'd say "This is my phone number." And that was like being a freaking super star.

But now, everyone has their OWN phone with their own phone number. I realized it of course a long time ago but then when listening to Bruno Mars the other day, I realized he's saying "Don't feel like picking up MY phone..." and I went dude....

no one says THE PHONE.

It's like saying WWW before a web address.

I think it's gone.

I've decided not to care much.

I do however, want iPhone to make one like THIS!

Because THAT is what I'd like for MY phone.

In an iPhone.


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Britton said...

I can even remember sharing a PARTY LINE -- you'd pick up the phone, then hang up if you heard someone already talking on it. WAY before cell phones.