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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The One Where The Boy Plays Football

So it was JAMBOREE this weekend. What that means is, there were cheerleaders and we all went out and the boys played football. It's exactly like last weekend, except there are cheerleaders. Last weekend we called it "scrimmage". This weekend we called it JAMBOREE and I guess we were supposed to be more excited.
They only played half a game and we won because we've got some mega athlete on the team who just runs into the endzone and scores every time the ball touches him. (Seriously he's like one of the top rated running backs in the country in his age group, it's nuts.)

Look at these fools double teaming my boy. Seriously, you guys are double teaming the nose tackle. Lol. Well - we're figuring he's so big, that they just freak out and go for him because it seems to keep happening.

I think the best part of jamboree might've been the ice cream after.

It was still pretty early in the day so we sent to BABYLAND GENERAL up north to see what was happening with those Cabbage Patch babies.

They have Cabbage Patch Warhol's which I thought was pretty cool.
The kids however were less than interested.

I am still not in love with the NEW Babyland General but, it's fun to stop by once in a while. And the kids definitely like it.

Miles is enamored of babies these days, so he's a huge fan.

But the real star of my day yesterday was this guy. He overcame his fear and nervousness and got out there and kicked some butt. Great Job big guy. I knew you could do it.


Frank said...

That last picture made me all teary.