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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gidge Gets Her Groove Back

I lost my swagger. I don't know what happened. Domesticity? 4 kids? TIME? I don't know. But I never realized like, how just being CLEAN has suddenly become an acceptable substitute for looking good. I can't really put my finger on when I stopped caring so much.
I know when I was a kid, my mom didn't wear makeup. Then, when we were older and probably less of a time-suck - she started wearing makeup. I thought it was such an amazing thing, at the time.
As a mom of four with two special needs kids, I'm not sure I even remember what swagger FEELS like. That sexy girly confidence - where'd mine GO?
I found this picture, from when my oldest was three and when the twins were six months old.

I am in the blistering Florida heat in October, with TWIN babies and a three year old at the twins club Halloween party.

Somehow, I lost that. I lost interest. I got tired.

So when BLOGHER offered a chance to check out new Mary Kay mineral makeups I was thinking, yeah ok. Maybe I'll try that. I mean, worst case I wouldn't like it right?

First of all Mary Kay gets props for giving me something small enough to be really convenient but BIG enough to be useful. And it's pretty. I like pretty.

The blue shade is more appropriate for going out vs work but the entire rest is completely awesome and appropriate for work and gives a nice fresh faced look. Plus they're REALLY fade resistant, I wore them ALL day to the Renaissance Festival in the 100 degree Atlanta heat and it didn't run or fade.

I am actually wearing the blue also, in the pic below - but it's been muted a bit :)

I can't fight the fact that I'm 42 but I am sort of getting my groove back. I feel better with some make up on lately.

So thanks Mary Kay and Blogher. I feel kinda girly cute again. I should get my eyebrows done!


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Lookin' good!

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