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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Further Proof We Watch Too Much DOCTOR WHO

Totally NOT blinking.

We went out today and got our Art On.
For Reals.

Sorry, I just like to talk like that sometimes to be stupid. It makes me laugh. I'm being ironic but then people think I'm an idiot so I should probably do it less.

We did see some good stuff though. Like a little Warhol.

I love Warhol. We saw a huge exhibition of his silkscreens years ago. I think his work is mesmerizing. Or maybe I'm just being trendy. I forget which it is.

We also got some Whistler in our daily viewing.

And there was some Norman Rockwell.

I had no idea Norman Rockwell KNEW Keith Richards. Nutty, eh?

We went to see the exhibit MODERN BY DESIGN and I tell you something, I would use this as a damn chip dish, I would. I announced it loudly in the exhibit. And then cracked up the rest of the exhibit.

That was our Sunday adventure.