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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Return of the Fascii(tis)

So my foot hurts again.
A lot.
Just like BEFORE I got the shot from hell. Seems that sometimes these things require more than one treatment.
Can I be frank about something here? I was a trooper about the shot. I gave myself huge props for NOT sobbing like a baby or thrashing about or SCREAMING because that mofo HURT. A lot. But I sucked it up, I did what I had to do because I saw the end in sight. Kind of like when I once got done giving birth, and then I had to take a deep breath and do it JUST ONE MORE TIME to get the other one out.
I saw the end.
I took a breath and GOT THE SHOT.

And now, you're telling me I have to go do it again?

Son of a bitch.

As an aside if I don't get my period soon someone is going to die. Just an FYI for all those in the ATL. No I'm not pregnant I have MIRENA but this whole feeling like you are going to have it and then not having it thing is about to make me insane.

Totally unrelated ......but I'm jealous and feeling like bitching. I knew they had it good at Google.
I just didn't know they had it THIS good.

I have my own suggestion for THIS one.......which is worse, giving birth to twins or getting a shot of cortisone into the bottom of your foot..........(I am not exactly sure of my answer here, THAT is how bad the shot was). Hell I just emailed it to them.

I just ate a chocolate brownie sundae. And now I want a beer. Dammit I need to start my period.

Props to Linky and Dinky for those links. Funny stuff. Even the damn Google employee who I'd like to smack right about now.