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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Return of Family Dinner

We've established a new family rule.
Meals occur at the table.
No more mom blogging,reading blogs, downloading/uploading pics while two kids scarf down food in their high chairs as the other one eats in front of the TV and poor Dad is stuck finishing up some project.

Even Tacobell served around the dining room table is like a meal instead of just something you put into your mouth to survive. My husband pulled out this bread pan to serve them and our tacos seemed almost like a viable family meal option, vs fast food.

We talk. About our day. About our night. About our plans. And about the things we've been thinking about. We play music, and like to vary it every night. Last night was Classic Country "Don't come home a Drinkin' with lovin' on your mind!" and the night before that it was Light Classical (lotsa Mendelssohn on that station). We talk about the music we are listening to.

We talk.

As a family.

Tonight we'll be enjoying a little jazz, to honor the late Max Roach.

Family dinner, it's not just a marketing campaign to sell more boxed casseroles. Who knew?


Devra said...

We have music going, dancing around the kitchen while we prepare food and we also sit at our table. If the kids are really hyped up and can't relax, we eat by candlelight. The kids love our candlit dinners and it does calm em down quick.

Your new rules sound great! Bon Appetite!

Anne Glamore said...

I'm a dictator about family dinner, and it gets harder and harder each year.

Let us persevere!