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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Things To Do When The Smog Level Is RED ALERT

I guess we might've picked a bad day for a nature walk.
But it looked beautiful. I didn't see any stinkin smog.

I did see THESE though!

I thought these were pretty cool. My very favorite one is this one. The snail has the coolest patio I've ever seen.

What was a little weird though, was after our 2 mile nature walk, I had an "episode", or something. Like old people would call it a "spell". After our walk in the poison air (actually our air was fine I think) we went to dinner where, I sort of - got discombobulated.
I felt sick.
Dizzy, disoriented, a bit out of sorts. Af first I thought it was my blood sugar, I was having trouble concentrating and although it wasn't like Xta's aphasia episode, it was very troubling. I ate up and drank up some sweet tea hoping to straighten myself out. But after a phase of feeling better I started feeling bad again, chills, nausea and again feeling a little disoriented. I felt just terrible all through dinner and just couldn't get myself straight. About an hour later I felt fine, all better even. But at the time, it was just so annoying and a little upsetting.

I suppose it's just indicative of my age that I can't even take a damn 2 mile walk and do a little mushroom hunting without having a "spell".
Perhaps I am a delicate southern flower now, after all.