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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Do You Know You've Had Chronic Pain?

When it goes away.

Seriously. I never really realized how gimpy I'd become, or how much pain I was in everyday from the first second I set my foot down on the floor, until it stopped hurting.

Now here I am.

Yeah, that shot into my heel hurt a lot. But, now it's 48 hours later, and I feel like someone attached a new foot onto my ankle.

The doctor says we are going to have to do the same to my hip, because I have bursitis, but in fact my hip feels much better now that I'm not gimping about. It still hurts, and hell yeah I'm getting that shot, but it's so much better I can't believe it.

YAY new doctor!


Anonymous said...

That is how I felt when I was pregnant and finally took the anti-nausea medicine.

Oh, I guess I had in fact been nauseus for three months.