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Friday, May 11, 2007

National Diaper Day April 7th

So I'm not sure how CLEAR I have made this in the past, but I'm a bit forgetful.
Ummm, pathologically so, sometimes.
I can remember details about the Lucent G3r Switch that I haven't worked with since 1999 but I can't remember how to access my own voice mail or remember basic stuff around the house.
As you can imagine, this causes a lot of problems in life.
I also have a secondary affliction.
I put things places.
I put them there, intending to REMEMBER I put them there, only forgetting in the course of talking about the various influences Dvorak's work (or some other equally inane topic - such as oohhhh, maybe which ship is sexier - Millenium Falcon or Enterprise).......and then, chaos can sometimes ensue. My mom does it too. She's forever giving me things in July that she had hidden away for Christmas, or giving me Easter presents in November, because she JUST FOUND THEM.

So I get it honest.

Anyway, we moved here to the land of cotton or whatever the hell it is and into our new place on April 7. You can imagine the chaos. Three little guys, two in diapers. Movers holding the front door OPEN for hours while we try to corral the little ones, feed them change diapers etc etc etc etc.

Very hard on someone prone to forget even those most BASIC of things, like where you put stuff, on this chaotic day.

About a week after we moved in, my husband said "GEEEEZ, I think the person who lived here before us had cats or was really dirty or something, have you SMELLED under the sink in the bathroom?"

Looking under the sink, I saw the usual, bag of maxipads, make up bag, hair dryer, flat iron, curling brush, random lotion products that I keep because I JUST MIGHT USE THEM AGAIN SOMEDAY and........yeah, it kind of smelled.

Kinda GROSS.

So this week, a full month after the big relocation, my husband decides to pull everything out and wipe it all out with alcohol and spray it down with Lysol and really make sure it's disinfected because clearly MY LAZY ASS WASN'T GOING TO DO IT (oh I'm forgetful AND Lazy......did I mention lazy?) when I hear a cry of HORROR from the BATHROOM!!


Hidden under the sink.

Like a little present.

So in honor of my lack of memory and apparent INSANITY we're declaring April 7 DIAPER DAY!

I encourage all of you to hide a bag of diapers around your house as a lovely surprise for your spouse next year.

Mine seemed REALLY excited to find it.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't tied. Damn dirty ape!