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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All Ya'll Got Issues.........

Every once in a while (like, ummm 3 times a day), I like to check the old Site Meter.
Not only to see which of you is reading me (yeah I'm watching those states with friends in them who haven't hit in a few days - I SEE YOU NOT READING ME!), I'm also checking out how you got here - which you know if you read this blog.

Man, people google some bizarre stuff. What is up with that?
First of all you should be using blingo and if you aren't let me know and I'll you with a link. Sarah and the Queen won iPods using it.

But I digress.

How did some of you sickos get here?

By googling.......

  • Ricky Ricardo speech impediment (sorry Ernesto by man you DID sound like Ricky)
  • WW PTS for Sonny's BBQ (first of all they are located at www.dwlz.com ,second of all, give it up fat girls, we can't eat at Sonny's. Give up the Sonnys. This is why we are so chubby, bcse we eat at Sonny's.)
  • Would you like to live in a big city like Chicago USA? (first of all foreigner it's Chicago Il USA, and second - YES! I would thanks for asking.)
  • Peed his pants potty - (ummm, what?)
  • Does Harry Connick Jr sign autographs - (actually yes and quite graciously. He seems quite kind and genuine for someone who is being gawked at by worshipers.)
  • Playboy Bunny -( yeah that was from back when I was still employed by the EVIL EMPIRE. Also known as Sodom.)
  • Why do people who party hard look bloated? ( If you have to ask that, you don't party hard. Why are you on the computer, don't you have church to go to or something?)
  • My left foot aches. Mine too. Sorry about that. Put on some sneaks. It helps.
  • Rice Krispie treats nauseous. Hmmm - really? Can I have them then?

and here is the grand prize winner.........



I never did that.

Ya sickos.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pooping in the gyno chair? Really?

April Brandon said...

there is something really wrong about even googling that, let alone finding it here....LMAO!!!