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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Heavenly Blessed and Worldy Wise

So, my Twenty Year High School reunion is this summer.
I don't care.
I swear to GOD I don't.
I feel a bit bad about it. I was quite anxious to go to the 5, and to the 10. Mostly because it was fun to go and be evil to the people who had screwed up their lives and gotten married the day after graduation or some such thing. The people who walked around at these graduations looking somewhat sad and worn out and were objects of pity to those of us who were unmarried, childless and enjoying our 20s to the fullest with all the drinking and the partying and the carousing.

At the 10, I think it was, we (the evil crew) went to the reunion instead of going to see SPINAL TAP and we were all annoyed that we didn't go to it instead.

I don't care that I'm fatter, that I spent 3 months unemployed this year or that I just relocated from the place I loved to live to this new place that I'm still a stranger in.

I don't care.

I still speak to most of the people I truly loved then, and every once in a while someone pops back in and says hello. Like Diane, recently. I was able to contact her after I mentioned her in a blogpost - Dave shot me the last email address he had for her.

So I guess what I'm saying is.....ummm, it's not that I don't like you or want to see you, it just seems like too muuch effort to spend a whole night going "yes I had twins" or whatever inane piece of info that people would latch onto. Or, worse is this conversation:
"Hi how are you?"
"Great, how are you?"
"Great, so how have you been/what's new?"

I am disinclined to encapsulate the last 20 years. Especially to people who I haven't kept up with.

So here is the deal.

It's been 20 years. If we were friends, and you read this........feel free to tell others who were also our friends during those times of flipped up collars and Aqua Net how to get ahold of me. I will be glad to actually hear from people who were friends. And I will be glad to reconnect with anyone who says hello.

Unless you were a douche in high school.

You know who you are.

as a postscript, I told you my friend Greg was cool.


Unknown said...

"Unless you were a douche in high school." lol

My 20 is next year...nope, not going either!

christa said...

so, i guess that means you're not going. :-)

i've been debating. i went to the 10, but i was fat and had an inappropriate boyfriend at the time. it would be nice to go back and be different. but maybe i'll save that for the 25 year reunion.

my life is crazy enough right now as it is... i don't need to add a trip to indy to the mix.27xdu99