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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Genius Available

I know a lot of people who have weird jobs. After all, I know someone who is an exotic lizard breeder, please - do YOU know anyone who does that? Did you know he also raises superworms by the bazillion in a special barn?
Yeah, that's right. Some of my friends are hella cool, I could write whole posts about them.
Maybe I will.
But let's just start with one.
My friend Greg Hoffman is not only an interesting guy, he's apparently getting creative in his job hunting techniques. Greg is into affiliate marketing and is currently looking for a job. I would seriously hire the guy after THIS caper.
I knew a guy once who sent a fish shaped cake after an interview, and had "Don't Let The Big One Get Away" written on it in icing. While it was funny, I think maybe the sexual overtones were more than he intended.
I also interviewed a candidate once who was supposed to "teach" us something in his interview and he spent 20 minutes extolling his virtues at foreplay. He went on and on, and apparently even felt it was necessary to tell us about how he was even great at teaching others foreplay. He meant to say 4pay which was a payment option offered by the company. The way he said it was funnier, though.
We didn't hire him, alas.

Greg however, gets huge props from me on this one.
Marketing Affiliate genius anyone? I know one who brings more to the table than professional experience.

He brings Donuts.