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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Lapsed Shoe Addict

I know that there are lapsed Catholics, and they say that the Unitarians are the feather bed for fallen Catholics (yeah this is probably a wicked thing to say but whatever, sorry Catholics and Unitarians, but this isn't about you.)
The question then becomes........

Where is the feather bed for fallen shoe addicts?

When I was in high school, I fed a full on shoe addiction with my wages from Rax, the Tshirt shop and Little Caesars. I had shoes in all shapes and sizes, flats, jellies, heels, sandals etc etc etc.

I had them all.

And most of them hurt.

But dammit I was cute.

I paired down the inventory when my bills became my own but still, I owned a mighty collection of cute stuff.

And now.

Here I am.

I do have some cute shoes, I don't know how many. Some. A dozen pair?

But I wear the same pair of serviceable, loafer shoes with a block heel every day.

They fall somewhere into the category of the shoes that Ross's monkey Marcel on FRIENDS pooped in, the ones that belonged to Monica. Rachel described them as "those pilgrim shoes that you think go with everything."

I now own those shoes.

I think that they go with everything.

They might not.

But I can't even care.

I remember when I bought them, it was the weekend before I returned to work after the twins were born. I had been wearing some huge horrible clown shoes right before they were born and my feet had finally gone back to normal. Having been off of work for 5 weeks I was not made of cash so I picked them out because they were, to choose a word......SERVICEABLE.


I haven't really worn them much since those first days back at work until now. But I discovered them since I've had this foot thing going on.

They don't look particularly cute but they are black and they do sort of work with whatever. Not in a fashion way, but I don't look particularly matronly either.

And every morning, after I pull on some hose..........I slip them on. And I remember that feeling, of going back to work. I feel it every morning.

Back to work.

And I am so happy.


Anonymous said...

many, many very disturbing shoes - many colors, many shapes - very many to move...

Lumpyheadsmom said...

picture! picture!

Becky said...

I had an aunt (a great aunt ... I think she was 80 when I knew her) who wore those lace-up, black almost-boots with high heels. I'm not sure what that was all about.