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Thursday, April 05, 2007


This is what it looks like
when your new job hires a professional moving company to relocate you.
Instead of a bunch of jacks who end up breaking your Grandmother's Fostoria Crystal Punch Bowl and handthrown Longaberger pie plate along with various other stemware that wasn't family heirloom that you were fond of nonetheless. Luckily, all that happened 4 years ago and I didn't know that those things had been broken until my new, professional CLASS act movers opened all of the boxes and repackaged stuff.

This is, so far, the exact OPPOSITE of my moving experience from Kentucky to Florida. It's going great. The movers have been nice, courteous, in UNIFORMS - and were digging our CD collection. They even pulled stuff out to listen to as they worked which was fun. They selected the WILLIAM HUNG cd which was even funnier.

The driver brought his giant BIG RIG over today, just to make sure he knew where the place was and to inventory what was going. Lil Satchmo thought that was great.

So all in all.......despite the stress.......Moving is going WELL.

We'll wake up Sunday in our new place. And Monday.....it's off to work! HOOHOOHOO!

Did I mention that I got completely giddy washing work clothes? Seriously. I WASHED SLACKS AND BLOUSES and dug out my work shoes and double checked for knee highs and......realized I was elated.


Kelly said...

We had a pro-mover the last time as well, and yeah, so much better! Good luck Monday.