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Monday, April 02, 2007

Here I GO Here I GO Here I GO AGAIN

First of all, no. I'm not changing the name of the blog. I realize I'm leaving the dangling WANG but I am only moving up to the scrotum, nestling my family somewhere snuggly in the vas deferens of this country. As long as I reside somewhere in the naughty bits of this great land, the name stays the same. I might CONSIDER changing it if I moved, oh, up to the liver or the spleen (you know who you are, DELAWARE). But for now........now. Wang it stays.

Second of all.


I'm moving.

Have I actually articulated how much I love Florida? I mean, summer of the hurricanes and all? In Florida I made some of the best adult friends I've ever made that I didn't work with. Which is really hard to do. Do YOU have any friends you don't work with, working "outside the home" moms? I also made some really good work friends. So, leaving them is going to be really hard. Which brings me to my point.

I ugh, I might have not seen you and the movers are coming this week and I'm leaving. And I'm excited about the new job, and the new town and the change. But I am not excited about leaving you. About only seeing you once a year or less. About not planning to do stuff, about seeing or hearing things locally to talk about. I am not excited to be the one exiting this life. Because your lives go on, as normal.
And if I see you, well.........it will be painfully clear that the things you talk about in the future tense do not include me. And you don't mean it spitefully, but it's going to hurt. I am bad at being disincluded. It makes me really sad. Like a 12 year old girl, sad.

And there is this part of me, that feels like, if I don't say goodbye to you.....then I'm not saying goodbye to you. Didn't I just see you yesterday, anyway? (See how this works....I'm already working it out in my mind.)


Anonymous said...

I hate goodbyes. I try to avoid them. As previously noted, I'm sorry we didn't get together before but through the technological marvel that is blogging, it will be like you never left!

Anonymous said...

Hey woman!! I'm glad your excited. Life does go on doesnt it? People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Whichever you and I are I'm glad I was there. Although you have many here in Florida, remember "mi casa, su casa". Whenever my "windows Vista" catches up with the rest of the world, I'll see you in SL. Show those MFers what there missing, BAM. I Love ya..........Ronigamdhk