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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thank You Easter Bunny - BAWK BAWK

I normally take a lot of time picking out the outfits and making sure the pics like this are just so. BUT - we're moving. They were clean, we were at the the mall....the bunny was available.
So - behold.

Easter Bunny Pic 07.


Elizabeth said...

Awwww! At least you got all three of them to sit still for a minute!

And I TOTALLY remember those Cadbury Creme Egg commercials with the Cadbury Chicken. And now I'm going to be saying "bawk bawk" all day! You are such a goof!

Karen Rani said...

Ya'll do Easter pictures like Santa pictures? That's bizarre to me! Cute pic though.

That bunny looks totally psycho though. Ha ha..

Izzy said...

Awww...your boys are sooo cute!