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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Don't Even TRY To Pull an Uncle Leo On Me

A couple of notes from a moving prep weary woman.

First of all. Let me just back up a little bit to me as a person. I have brothers, not sisters. This means that I don't SHARE Well. At least I don't share my girly stuff well. I never borrowed/loaned sweaters or dresses or hair bobs or anything else. I don't LIKE you touching my girly stuff.
That being said, you can imagine how hard it was for me to STIFLE it when some old dude tried to pull an UNCLE LEO on us at the zoo yesterday.
As I walked down to see the white rhinos with Lil Satchmo I hear my husband (who is pushing the twins several yards behind me) say "Hey, that's my stroller!"
You see we had let the big boy out of his stroller in the Africa pavillion - letting him have a little big boy status, running around to see the baby elephant and everything, and had parked our stroller OVER IN THE STROLLER PARKING AREA.


Apparently, the old guy mumbled something about thinking it was their stroller, and I couldn't see this part - but he was touching my CAMERA (which was in the closed storage compartment on top until Uncle Leo wandered by) and then I hear my husband say "THAT IS MY OLDEST SON'S STROLLER STOP TOUCHING IT".......at which point my husband and I were nearly together again as I was walking back.......

He filled me in that the guy was TOUCHING OUR CAMERA and acting like he was confused about what stroller was his even though the only things our two strollers turned out to have in common was the color. I gave Lil Satchmo to his dad and fetched the stroller, glowering at Uncle Leo......I wanted to call him on it but no harm done. Give me a break,like old people don't steal. If it was a legitimate mistake an appropriate response would've been to take his HANDS OFF and say "Oh Gosh I'm sorry!"
Not to keep fondling my stuff.


Second of all. I'm out of creamer. Milk in coffee tastes like shit. Why is that?
I don't want to buy more creamer until I get to Georgia...I'll be waking up in my new place on Sunday Morning....but DAMMIT it's going to be an annoying three days till that happens. Tomorrow they pack us. Speaking of asshats, the last company that moved us did such and incredibly bad job that I'm still scarred. They took like 18 hours to pack and load us......they were SO sloow it was unbelievable and all the boxes got crushed - I never even unpacked my grandmothers china. I have no hopes of it having survived. I think that's why I didn't unpack it.
Now this morning the driver called bcse he wants to come out tomorrow while they pack to make sure he knows how to get here. I spelled the name of my street 4 times. He kept reading it back to me and saying "MOUNTAINVIEW"........which is NOT, NOT what I said. It rhymes. Sort of. But not exactly. I kept saying NOT MOUNTAINVIEW.......and saying the right word.

Suddenly, I'm not excited.

So, I'm about a day away from being unplugged from you for a while. Which is a drag because I'm a digital crackhead. I don't know how long it will take to get cable and internet and phone etc etc etc all hooked up again. My oldest can't quite grasp the moving thing yet.......he's still trying to understand everything. I was trying to explain about how we won't have cable for a while and he really couldn't fathom that one. The last time we moved, 1000 miles that time, he was 10 months old so he really doesn't remember it. This time we're only moving about 500 miles, but we've added two kids to the process.

So on Friday, when the big semi pulls away, we'll take three kids, three cats and whatever else we can carry and drive north.

Georgia. I hope you are ready for us.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Best of luck. See you on the other side.

April Brandon said...

I don't think that I like the fact that you're gonna be incommunicado for an unforeseen amount of time. Be careful, have fun if you can. Call us when you get there, you can call collect if you need to.

Anonymous said...

Damn, woman, that new banner is HOT!! That Karen's got mad design skillz, yo.

Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly for you.