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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Name of the Rose is but a BLIP on an Otherwise Uninterrupted Downward Spiral

Recently I went to the doctor because my hips hurt me so much I can hardly stand it. I have trouble getting up and down from chairs. I have trouble walking. It hurts no matter how I sleep, after I've been in that position for long enough I have to change (regardless of the position). It hurts when I sit, stand, walk, run, etc. It's just become degrees of pain. Mostly, it sucks. So I finally went to the doctor.
It all seemed to start back when I was pregnant, I had a lot of hip pain, especially carrying the twins. The problem is, it never went away. I've lost weight, I bought a special pad for the bed that was supposed to help. I used it, I took it off, I've done whatever I could think of, and it never has gone away. It just keeps getting worse.
So I went to my doctor.
This was a new doctor, the partner of my regular doctor. He immediately set about poking me in exactly the places in my hips that about sent me into the screaming mee-mees. He then gave me an adjustment, the likes of which - had we been on a date - would've nearly been grounds for my daddy to demand marriage. But when he was done......oh my god, the pain was gone.
And then he says "I used to be a physical therapist, so I have a lot of experience doing this, just usually in geriatric patients." Then he asks me to walk.
I say "What?" and he asks me to walk up and down the hall.
Which I did while he sat on a chair at the end of the hall watching my less than fashionable stroll down the doctors office catwalk.
About the third round of walking he says "Yup, that's it." and had me get back up on the table to start messing around with my right knee.
"Does your knee pop when you walk?"
"Especially when you go up and down stairs?"

Turns out the verdict is not that there is anything particular wrong with my hips, it's my right knee. Which is somewhat disintegrating. At some point in time, I'll have to have knee replacement, but he says he's pretty sure I can count on that happening in "old age" (thanks Grandma Brandon once again for giving me these damn inferior legs). I'm apparently walking like a gimp, slightly, just enough to whack out the pressure on my hips and to even make them a little disjointed occasionally.
Hence the pain.

So, now in my life is the wonder supplement GLUCOSAMINE, per the doctor, to help maintain the cartledge in my right knee to help me from walking like a gimp and hurting my hips.

Got that?


Anonymous said...

I know I would benefit greatly from chiropractic or osteopathic adjustment, because I'm all out of alignment due to slight scoliosis, but I'm so afraid of how much it would hurt. I hope you find some relief now, after all of that!

Gidge Uriza said...

There are bonus points being awarded if someone can name the movie I'm quoting in this posts' title.

tammy said...

Interesting... My step-father had knee surgery that didn't help. After a long time & his limp getting really bad, a dr. finally said it wasn't his knee, it was actually his hip. He just had a hip replacement. Sounds like you, in reverse.

I hope your adjustments work & you continue to feel better!

Anonymous said...

I've been using Glucosamine for years, dont lose hope!

There are a bunch of options, Glucosamine

Good luck!