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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

OMEN 666

There was a lot of evil at work in the AMC Theaters yesterday.  I went to see Omen 666 on 6/6/06 with two of my most evil friends (okay they're not evil that's a joke).
The evil at work reminded me of the evil done by Crowley in GOOD OMENS by Neil Gaiman.
Little evil.  Annoyances.
The man on his NEXTEL who Won't STOP TALKING.  The cell phones that keep ringing.  The people who keep OPENING their cell phones, so that their screens light up like little BEACONS IN A STORM.  I guess they were texting (Which is quieter at least) or checking the time, or to see who called etc etc etc.  Then we had a narrator behind us.  She was really helpful.  She had a lot of insights into the film.  Such as, she knew when people were bad.  Or when bad things had happened.  Mostly because they had just happened on the screen.
Evil all around us in the movie theater.  Little evil.  But evil nonetheless.





christa said...

and the theater chains wonder why attendance is plummeting.

Queen of Spain said...

Yes...I love paying $12 for annoyances.

People suck.

Tim said...

Now, where was the anti-christ and don't take my 1929 Bentley??

pete said...

I went to see it and man it sucked.
i sat in a room with 2 people,but seeing i work at the movies i can go when ever the least amount of people.

april said...

You are braver than I am. I hate movies like that. I saw the original when I was like 13 or so, and had nightmares forever. I have never seen the Exorcist, and it took me two days to watch all of Constantine, and it wasn't that scary. I have to have Matt here to watch anything that I THINK might be scary...I'm a wuss, I know it.