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Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Is Halloween This Is Halloween

Today we are ridiculously over scheduled. The week has not gone as planned and now everything has collided into all of the things we MUST DO TODAY including HALLOWEEN.

I love Halloween. I have absolutely Halloween failed this year. We didn't do any special treats or do anything fun at all, we only watched The Nightmare Before Christmas BECAUSE it happened to be on.

It's all my fault because I'm just not functioning at top speed, and I'm kind of sad that another Halloween is passing and I did literally nothing to make it special this time. My oldest child is going out Trick or Treating WITH HIS FRIEND without us.

He's going without us.

You don't understand, we don't do holidays apart. He's going to some block party and trick or treating and we won't be there and...it's HALLOWEEN.

When I was 13 I would've taken my brother trick or treating by myself up and down Walnut Street and ALL of the side streets and my mom would be horrified at the amount of candy her 3 year old would come home with. I was an AWESOME sister. I can't very well say no kid, don't go have 13 year old awesome fun. Don't stretch your wings and spend time out of the nest baby bird. Just stay here and do the usual.

But I want to.

My mom would tell me frequently, with a bit of bitterness, that her parents didn't want her to go to college. Her parents didn't want her to have a job. Her parents didn't want her to leave the HOUSE really. She said "They'd have been thrilled if I got a job at the dime store and lived in my bedroom my entire life." It always made her sad that her parents didn't have any urge to kick her out of the nest, to send her out to fly and be free.

Well, I heard that lesson enough that despite the fact that I'm a little teary eyed about it, my kid is going to his Halloween party with his friend.

This morning I'm going to soccer, then it's pumpkin carving, then to run errands possibly (the boy has new glasses to pick up and a cell phone to switch out), then he has to go to his party and we have to take the little ones trick or treating. Then it will be Halloween over and I will have failed to make it special and we will have marked the end of the age when he goes out with us.

Nothing ever stops moving.

Can it just STOP for a minute?

And with that, I have to wake up the girl. It's time to get up for soccer. Farking 9 am game.