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Monday, October 05, 2015

The Yoda Weekend

I spent a weekend full of distraction, forcing myself to do things that I didn't want to do. That's progress. We had Yoda come for a visit and took him on many adventures. Soccer was rained out, but we were able to go to the High for some exhibits and he was our very happy guest.

Yoda likes art, who knew?

And as for me I decided to kick off the excuses of grieving and tired and get back to my dieting and working out as of yesterday. I didn't enjoy it. I spent a lot of my day reading about things to eat, things to not eat. These are things I already knew but it felt good to put my mind back in the game.

Ok, dieting is boring. Let's be real. I'd like to say that I eat six lemons a day and that's all I eat and the weight drops off like magic. That's not it. It's all about making different choices, and sometimes understanding that the foods you love best are the worst possible choices.

It's hell to be a fat girl from the midwest. Bring on the gravy oh wait no.

So I've got my day mostly planned food wise, and my work out planned, and my snacking planned because that's the kind of glamorous stuff losing weight is about. I'm pretty fancy, I know.

I spent a lot of yesterday just being selfish and reading or playing a dumb video game but I did take a break and spend some time with the girl child who deserves more of my time than she gets.
The plus side was that I didn't cry all weekend.

People, that's progress.