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Friday, October 02, 2015

No Surprise No Mystery

We had planned our annual trek to the fair and decided to go back to the fair that is closest to us because traditionally they've always had the superior selection of FAIR FOOD. My friend Christa had told me tales of a bacon wrapped corn dog but that wasn't to be found here. What WAS to be found....was PULLED PORK AND STEAK SUNDAES. That's right.
French fries, sour cream, bbq sauce, cheese and meat - not the most traditional sundae but honestly super yummy.

Corn is always required. It's not exotic. But roasted fair corn is always awesome. 
The down side was that it had rained like mad the entire previous day and was sprinkling and misting THIS day so under our feet are inches of mud and water, and red Georgia clay is everywhere in muddy sloggy messiness.
Despite that, the fair must go on. So we ate our muddy lunch and made our way to the midway for some rides! 
It was just too wet to do too much. But we did a few things and it was awesome. Julia got a pink Scooby Doo (why...) and the lady running that game realized Charlie and Miles were autistic and gave them a prize just for playing.

Yes - a giant red ball. We pushed it around in our stroller all day like this. 

We got wetter and wetter as they day went on. Shoes got more covered in clay and soggier. It was pretty gross.
We wandered in to the mildly soggy 4H tent to pretend to milk cows and pet the baby animals. Everyone's favorite part of this tent, besides the animals, is that they give us milk from the Mayfied Dairy at the end. This day was no different - ice cold chocolate milk is yummy any day.
The harvest was good it seems, we wandered the tables reviewing the entries and the winners. I have to say that my favorite items this year weren't in the food section. First up - baby Cthulu made an appearance.
Come ON - third place for the devourer of worlds? That's just lame.

Then, we have this very intimate moment with SUPERMAN and BATMAN...

Look closely - you'll see what I mean. We all stopped at this and went, hey, what's happening here?

As always the people who want to tell you about DOOOOOM were at the fair. 
I think based on their own DOGMA there better be nothing under those doors. I always want to talk to these people but I'm afraid I'll get annoyed and set them on fire.

End of night we tried Oreo Churros, potato twist things (the earlier treat in a different shape nearly), cheesecake on a stick and the girl just wanted some ice cream. 

It was a soggy, muddy, mostly miserable day but somehow we had a really fun day. It was a good day full of distraction for us all but I think mostly for me. I need more days like that.

Now I need to stop eating everything in site or I'm going to get big like Jabba again.