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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Resting My Brain

The culminating stress of two eleven year olds who never, never, never stop crapping their pants, a dead mother, a dying father (ok who is "in decline"), the chaos of being a mom, hospice, mom of four, DNRs, LIFE finally made me raise my hand for today and say "I can't do this any more."

So I took a day off.

If you know me, you know that I don't really like taking days off of work if we don't have "plans" with the family. I certainly don't want to take days off when it's busy, when I have tons of projects in mid air and I feel like I am needed to steer - or at least advise in some way.

However, I just needed everything to stop for just one single day.

So after I put the kids on the bus I walked back into the house and didn't go to work. I poured a cup of coffee and pondered the fact that I had just been to the bus stop in the shirt I had slept in, and some very baggy unattractive capris. #NO1CURR as they say on the internets. My shirt had stains but at least I put on a bra AMIRITE?

I'm rife with the internet lingo today.

Yeah, I said rife.

I had a date with my husband, our first in years. We went to lunch to the Genghis Grill and I can't say enough how awesome the food was. I have lunch from leftovers for tomorrow and I kind of can't wait to eat it. We went to see a movie (wow the Martian was crazy good) and spent time talking and doing stuff without our four additional companions.

First time in years.

And now I'm tired. They're all home, and I'm mentally just kind of wiped out and think I'm going to do not much except what is required. I don't know if my batteries are recharged but they are off of zero that's for sure.

No matter what is going on with me, I know for a fact that I'm doing WAY better than this frog.
Perspective is everything.