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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Making Things And Stuff

I always kind of wanted to go to the workshops at Home Depot. I say KIND OF wanted because it was always a cursory want, sort of a "oh that'd be cool oh wait I don't build things" sort of passing fancy.  There was one I always regretted not going to where they built adirondack chairs. I bet that was cool as hell.

So when I kept seeing it pop up on my Facebook about building a storage ottoman I decided maybe I should just go. First of all, to see if my anxiety really had abated and I could just go and do something by myself for no reason at all without feeling panicked and out of place. And secondly, COOL THING TO BUILD. It looked easy, so easy even a Gidge could do it.

So I registered and showed up at 6:30. After five minutes of waiting to find out where to go, I wandered back to flooring and hung out another ten, but several people apologized saying that the person had gotten hung up doing something else. That seems plausible as everyone in a Home Depot apron is fair game to disturb and ask for help. I sat and cruised Facebook and I think I might've been singing along to the piped in tunes without realizing it when they rolled up with the goods.
I was the only person who showed up, and I learned that sometimes if you're the only person who shows up you get to keep the item you learn to make!
I was really amazed at how easy it was to make, and how easy it would be to make a bigger one. This one is made with TWO boxes, but I was thinking FOUR might make a really nice sized coffee table - this one is billed as an ottoman but I am just gonna call it a table.

So my take away was, this was incredibly fun. Ok they shot the picture to make it look bigger, or used the SMALLEST SOFA EVER and shot it FROM the floor. However, I'm not disappointed as it's really a cute piece, it just needs stained I think. I could probably knock that out soon if I could manage not to get water rings on it until them. If that happens - hey maybe decoupage you never know. Is that still a thing? I'm bringing it back if necessary, I tell you that.

Today's accomplishments, made a table, worked out, went to work all day. So far - I'm feeling pretty productive!