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Monday, July 13, 2015

And With That We Are Five..For A Week

I promised not to embarrass him, and I meant to not embarrass him. But I didn't feel like ONE goodbye picture was too much to ask. I didn't hug or kiss him in front of his friends but I think I am feeling his judgment in this picture. MOM PLEASE STOP DOING THAT.

Fine, I stopped doing that. He's gone to South Carolina for a week doing camping stuff with his friends and I loved camp so I'm not going to be all paranoid and worried. It's the longest he's ever been gone. But he's going to be fine, I might not, but he will.
We came home and the girl ruled it imperative that we make some coffee. That's her overseeing the Keurig as it brews. She thinks it's important to watch it so that you know it's done. She tells me this is helping. Who am I to argue.
She has the solemn charge of being in charge of Doggie while Louis is gone. She's taking it very seriously, keeping me abreast of how Doggie feels without Louis. And while Louis was so worried about ME embarrassing him in front of his dorky Boy Scout friends, it was his sister who shouted "I GET TO TAKE CARE OF DOGGIE WHILE HE IS GONE!" holding up the red dog and showing his friend.

Ha. It wasn't me!

We went outside to play and to hopefully delay the nonstop fighting the twins have been doing. Miles gets Charlie all fired up and Charlie loses his mind. Play bubbles outside was a welcome respite from that craziness which gave me a raving headache for the rest of the evening.

Charlie and Julia and unlikely friends, but they spent the most time together every day after school and she has a special place in her heart for him. She's always trying to take care of him. Making Charlie laugh is her favorite thing ever.
For about 90 minutes in the sun, there wasn't any screaming or fighting or attacking. There were just bubbles and the happiness that comes from chasing them. It was pretty good.
It is amazing how there is no downtime, even with 25% of my children gone.

I need to do bubbles 24/7.