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Friday, May 11, 2012

Vitamin D Apparently Fixes Everything

For the past few years, I've been overwhelmed with tired. People would tell me "You have three kids, you have two special needs kids, you have four kids, you work full time, your life is stressful, you made the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs - OF COURSE YOU ARE TIRED."
But, they didn't get it. I wasn't tired. I was dead.
It didn't matter how much I slept. I woke up every day not with a sense of dread and depression, but with this desperate mood of "How long until I can get back into bed."
If I sat still too long, I'd fall asleep. I wouldn't even remember laying down at night, that's how quickly I was asleep every night.
As for how I was feeling otherwise, long days of overwhelming fatigue and aching and just feeling like I can't do this one more day, yet the next day would come and the next and the next and more days than I can remember yet I never felt better.
It never got better.

My husband had to start seeing a rheumatologist for several autoimmune disorders, and because of my family history, he signed me up for an appointment. When I went, I told her about my family history and she checked me for all the joint paint and did lots of Xrays then ordered ALL the bloodwork.

I will assume it was ALL the bloodwork as they took 8 vials.

The result was, no rheumatoid arthritis, no psoriatic arthritis, no lupus, no nothing really glaring , a bit of osteoarthritis in my old bad knee from basketball, but "only" a  bit.

However, my vitamin D? Didn't really HAVE any. My score was like 7. I don't know out of "what".

So she put me on a dose that is like 50,000 units a week plus I take supplements every day.

The first two weeks I didn't feel any change and was about to call bullshit when.....I woke up one day.

And I felt really good.


I wake up every day feeling good. I don't spend my day counting how long until I can go to sleep. People at work talk about being tired and I realized, I'm not. It's like suddenly I AM ME AGAIN and I can't believe something as simple as vitamin D can jack up your whole life. But it can.

I kind of want to evangelize about it but I don't want to be annoying. But taking vitamin D gave me back my LIFE again, my WILL to have my life again. God I feel better.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am going to go buy vitamin D right now. Seriously, whatever works.