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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post Pre-Op

I am on a countdown to a little minor surgery tomorrow. I've opted to have an endometrial ablation so my never ending monthly torment can finally go away.  My other option was hysterectomy and I wasn't feeling the surgery, the three weeks off work, the hospital stay, etc.
This is outpatient and they'll give me xanax and percocet and other stuff and apparently it's like ten minutes of really not so good and then yay done except for three weeks of what they describe as "weeping" out of my uterus.
I am told to think of it like a blister on your finger. That's what they are going to do to my uterus. Basically, they're going to kill it with fire.
I'm not sure what medieval medical school this idea came from, I mean, "lets boil the inside of the uterus until it's dead" that just seems like something more at home in the Inquisition than at one of the best OBs in the metro  BUT....I signed up for it so apparently I'm crazy too.
I'm doing a regimen of high dose ibuprofen and then start the good stuff tonight.
But I can say that as a woman who had her period for 33 years, and four kids, I could be done with this. I really could. And hey my husband will still get to enjoy all of my mood swings from PMS so it's not like I'll be losing any of my girly appeal (snark).

I'd say I'm nervous and I am a little, I know it's going to feel NOT GOOD but on the other hand, I feel relieved. I get to quit doing this FINALLY.
And I get to quit doing it without getting cut open AGAIN.

I'm hoping I made the right choice. I'll let you know.
A picture of my baby girl, just because.