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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Am A Bad Pleco Mom

This is Snake Plisskin. Yes he has the most awesome name ever.

However, a while back his tummy started getting big. At first, we thought that perhaps Snake was a Snakette and she was going to lay eggs. But then, finally I got online and tried to figure out what was going on because Snake was getting bigger and just didn't seem right.

Turns out, it seems Snake might have a very serious condition called BLOAT where it appears he is constipated, horribly so. That huge bloat is, quit possibly, poo.

Ugh. Bad parent.

So, I read up online and found out that feeding peas, adding maracyn 2 to the water and epsom salts are about all you could do to save the fish and it's likely that they'll die.

Which is a bummer.

But - stay tuned, because we are trying to save Snake because he's part of the family.

The water is cloudy with mashed peas and epsom salts now. We're hoping for the best.


Wilson said...

Yikes. Hope all turns out well although I am not so sure.