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Monday, May 07, 2012


One of the things I find most annoying about the Atlanta commute daily is that really,unless you are a nutter you need to listen to the radio for traffic updates. You simply HAVE to. Because in the fifteen minutes between when I leave the house to take the oldest boy to school to when I actually get on the interstate things can go from ALL CLEAR to AVOID THE INTERSTATES AT ALL COST.

So you have to listen.

I flip around because my tastes are catholic and I can't be arsed to listen to some things, especially any non-traffic talk with one exception. I will listen to the three minute news updates. This counts as the length and breadth of my news intake on any day if I can help it. I like to live in a fairy land where there is no sadness and hearing the news kills that.

Generally I listen to Quickies with Vicky on B985 which is OK, it's generic but I generally don't mind listening to that morning team, they are likable enough really.

Until now.

Because they're doing this new thing, which baffles and sort of gives me road rage in the morning. I equate it to the old FOX NEWS drops they used to do when it was a new network (yeah that long ago) trying to drive up viewership. FOX would do drops like this "Were six bodies found in a farmers field? Tune in at six to find out."

I mean WHAT THE CRAP? Obviously the answer is YES because if the answer was no, that's just stupid.

Now, some clever git at B985 has got in on that action, and Vicky will read part of a story "Brad Pitt says that there is only one thing he uses to shave his testicle...and you'll have to go to our WEBSITE to find out what that is."

/Clears Throat.

Let me help you, oh radio station of mine.

First of all, your website function should be informational in the sense of, stuff about your radio station. Promotions, play lists, music news, events you are part of and sure - crap from your on air celebs because I know some folks don't have lives and CARE about that. Trying to drive me there as if I would read your website as a viable source of news is nearly comic. We live in Atlanta and CNN has this VERY handy website plus, there are about a billion other primary source news outlets on the planet so, really, at best you guys are third tier and not viable players in this arena.

Secondly, after days of frustration with you FOR this very behavior, I actually wanted to read the end of one of your stupid blurbs, and I went to your website and IT WASN'T THERE. So there you go. Total fail.
You GOT my traffic to your website and a good prolonged visit too while I hunted around trying to find it.
By the time I gave up, I had actually forgotten what it was I was looking for. So again, bravo. Well done.

Stop it B985. Read the news. Just READ what is happening. Stop being coy with the news and trying to falsely inflate your website traffic. It's lame and transparent and really, makes me want to throat punch someone.


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Oh man. I hate it when stations do this. Then their site is all video. I read the internet and watch tv ugh.