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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Are There Shows on Headline News?

I seriously hate it. I don't want there to be shows. Can't freaking Nancy Grace and Jane Valez-Whatever and Inigo Montoya or whomever else has some sort of talk show/crime busting show/panel of guests who pontificate go onto another channel? I mean SHIT Ted Turner owns a ton of tv channels.

What I want is that at ANY time of the day is to flip on CNN Headline News and see a smiling face reading me the news in 30 minute rotations. I want this 24 hours a day. Like a lot of Americans,between working a full time professional job and having a family and SOME personal free time,the old news slots of 7pm and 11pm just don't WORK for me. I don't want to watch the local news anyway. All the news in Atlanta is robberies and shootings anyway.

I want to watch CNN HEADLINE NEWS. I want a short recap of everything happening in the world. I want a quick snap of the weather.And then 30 minutes later I want it to start over.

Come on Ted. You're like my own personal deity. Can't you slap these "shows" on TNT or TBS or some other channel you own that I'm forgetting?

See I've seen the future, CNN HEADLINE NEWS. And what I see is this. In 10 years we'll all be saying "Man,remember when they used to do the news on CNN Headline News?"

No? You don't believe me?

Remember when they used to play videos on MTV?


Megan said...

Your right, I don't even bother to watch local news, cos I'm just wasting my precious time. I watch CNN news only too.

Pamela said...

I don't really watch news, but I love reading magazines. I don't have time to watch news because of always busy in work.