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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alright Then What Have I Been Doing?

I don't really know. I'd say I've been a little depressed but not really. Ok maybe a little. Life just overtakes you sometimes and....I think that rather than sit down and consider my own reality I've been just off doing other things.

Because in this space I think about things, real things. And sometimes there are just too many of them.

Like the fact that I have a six year old who compulsively puts his shoes on and takes them off constantly. Or that I got up at 3am to have to get into bed between the twins bcse they were screaming - at each other,at the world,who knows? Or that my phone rang at 8am and it was work and the network was down and I had to get up and deal with that....when I just wanted to sleep. Or the fact that I have literally six weeks worth of laundry to put away. And it's no one's fault but my own - I simply have not done it. For.......months. And Months. And months.

It's my only chore around the house so don't say why doesn't the husband do it. He does exactly EVERY OTHER TASK around the house including picking up after the litter trail I leave.

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

So what have you missed? Well there was a wonderful walk in the botanical gardens in Athens.

I love the forests around us. I missed this sort of vegetation when I lived in Florida. Of course now I miss the beach and the palm trees.

My princess continues to thrive and grow and make my heart nearly explode every time I see her.

And, we made a cheesecake. The fancy kind you bake.

It turned out like this.

Caramel Butter Rum Cheesecake. For the Win.