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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cats and Goat Cheese

When I was in High School my class took a field trip to Chicago for a long weekend. We did all the touristy stuff, Sears Tower,Art Institute,Shedd Aquarium - all the must see's for tourists to the Windy City.
The highlight of the trip was that we were going to see CATS (it was the early 80s shut up)- it was playing at some fancy theater and we were all going to THE GREEK ISLANDS and then to see CATS.

So there I am, all dressed up in my 1984 Couture - hair piled high thanks to Aquanet. White silk blouse and a long black skirt- I am fairly sure that the shirt had RIGHTEOUS shoulder pads if memory serves.

The rest of my classmates were there, and we were having a pretty good time for twenty something odd teenagers who had only two adults riding herd on us. Plus most of us were excited to have greek food as it was something we liked.

And then the SAGANAKI arrived.

I remember the OPA! Being shouted.....and thinking YAY Saganaki!

And then "Oh watch out!"

and then the waiter, who was directly behind me, tipped his tray full of flaming cheese on top of my head. Singing my hair,and spilling hot burning goat cheese into my hair and all down my back.

They brought over wet towels and wiped me off.

But then, you'd think someone might take me back over to the hotel for a quick change and freshen.


Then we all went to CATS. Me with my hair flat,singed and missing in some places, covered in greasy goat cheese. The songs from CATS still evoke the scent of burned aquanet and saganaki.

I was reminded of this story, because Cats is coming to Atlanta.

And now, I suddenly would like some saganaki........