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Friday, July 09, 2010

She Recognized A Meat Eater, I'm Sure

The Oldest Boy is holding the baby, and asks me to hand him a dinosaur off the table. He takes the velociraptor and is shaking it in her face, talking to her in a baby talk voice telling her all about it. "See this is a velociraptor. Blah blah blah.......hunt in packs blah blah blah"....and as she's screwing up her face to cry because he's continually shaking this toy in her face I said-
"Umm, sweetie, I think you are scaring her with that."
To which he says."Oh Baby I'm sorry! Mom, hand me a plant eater........"

Yeah. That was the problem.


EKG said...

this is the screen i was looking for! I think you have an email message from me that was supposed to go here.

your children crack me up. :)