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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rules You Didn't Know Existed

"NO! You cannot sleep with the vacuum cleaner! No.....put it back! I better not come back in here and find the vacuum cleaner in bed with you!"
And I'm not kidding.

Don't make me get MORE crazy and parental.


Barbara Raymond said...

I don't suppose you watched "Arrested Development" before its untimely demise?

Your story brought to mind an episode where the family had to fire the maid because she was sleeping with Baby Buster (who was well into his 30's, so it's not quite as gross as it sounds...). Heartbroken, Buster began a torrid love affair with her replacement - the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner.

So, I guess your situation is not entirely unprecedented.

Devra said...

When one of our sons was little, every time we brought out the cannister vac, he would crawl over to it and pet it. He would stroke that thing like he was petting a kitten. It was the oddest thing. He'd do it even if the thing was ON! So I totally get the "don't sleep with it" thang. Totally!