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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's 3am - You Must Be Joking

So we had a real live tornado yesterday, in Minnesota. The kind you take cover from. The kind where the sirens go off and it's not just something going on ON TV that happens to other people.
Plus there were storms in the ATL. And more forecasted in both places today.
So the boss was concerned that we would miss our flight/be very delayed today getting back to our Georgia home. She in particular was concerned because she had a tight schedule of things to do upon landing.
After a few calls to the airline she'd decided she would get up at 3:30 and start calling, trying to change our flights for the $50 fee - to get a earlier flight out.

At 3:35 am my phone rang. "I got us on the 6:30 flight - meet me downstairs in 30 minutes!"

Oh shit are you kidding me?

And after a Carribou coffee and muffin -we were off at 6:30 am. In the cloudy sky we slipped away from the north and headed toward dixieland.

I only hope I didn't SNORE on the plane becuase I absolutely fell asleep - only to awaken as my head SNAPPED forward repeatedly.
I'm home.

In totally unrelated news - I saw Big Boi from Outkast at the airport. I must confess I didn't know WHO he was at first, simply that he was SOMEONE based on the INSANE amount of Louis Vuitton luggage sitting curbside (photo is NOT representative of the amount of luggage he actually had). My driver recognized him and once I got a good look I realized that YES - it WAS Big Boi! But, I was a little nervous about hopping out for photos like a rude tourist....so I only got off ONE that's sort of ok. See him?

*Note to all rock stars and movie stars.

Louis Vuitton luggage is over. I'm bored with it. We're all bored with it. Buy something else. For God's SAKE doesn't anyone else make luggage worth a shit?


rabid-disease said...

WOW! Remind me never to go travelling with Ms L. I'd have slept right through that 3 am phone call. Bulldozers would have torn down the room and I wouldn't have noticed. :)
I used to have Big Boi and Andre 3000 come into my publix back in the day, and I wouldn't have a clue about it until people came up to me showing me the pictures they scored. I was always like, "man, he just wanted a Gatorade and hot wings must we barrage him with picture requests?"
I guess they are used to it though.

Glad to have you back! You missed out on my germy-ness Friday. I probably infected the whole office. Count yourself lucky! Poor trash lady has a tub full of tissues waiting on her, and I forgot my lysol disinfectant wipes.