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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time
A boy met a girl at Buffalo Wild Wings (then called BW3).
He asked her out on a date.
They moved in together.
They celebrated happy times together by going back
to the place they met.
They eventually married.
They had to leave their newborn in the hospital overnight and
went together to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat dinner that evening -
she weeping because she missed the baby, he consoling her that everything would be ok.
They sought out the Buffalo Wild Wings every state they moved to, driving
to introduce their children to the place where mommy and daddy met. Driving
there to celebrate a new job, a birthday, a dataversary - or just to remember
that carefree time when they were 20something and had just met.

Recently, they went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate the purchase of their first house.

The Modern American Family, brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Who knew my married life would have a sponsor?


Anonymous said...

Thanks to your hubby, we celebrated our engagement at Buffalo Wild Wings too. "She said yes!". Ahhhh, I can smell the chicken on weck now. . .

Anonymous said...

Now I am hungry for chicken wings.