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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Blogher 08 Second Life Whizbang Recap

It was a whizbang fun weekend at Blogher08 In Second Life. I got to participate in the "Intersection of Blogging and Second Life Panel" which gave mea fantastic reason to buy new clothes in cartoon land. (Like I need a reason.)
I took a close up of me and Queen at the panel, we look mahvelous.

There may have been a few technical glitches but hey, technology is not perfect anywhere on a good day and we managed to get through it.
The exhibitor area looked mahvelous also, here I am at the Code Pink exhibit.

Askpatty.com threw us a great party at the end of Day One at Callie Cline's beach resort which was well attended and much enjoyed. Thanks Patty! Crunch Domestic Goddess had a good time even though she wore a box on here head most of the night! (She was a very good sport about it and it was a box with a big picture of ME on it, so I found it to be VERY fashionable.) This is a snap of me and the husband, the REAL husband yes, at the party.

Patty also had hired the coolest looking DJs in the metaverse. Check'em out.

I also got to meet many other great bloggers who were a lot of fun and not against mudwrestling and knife throwing. I met a lot of other great ladies, whose blog urls I cannot find and I'm sorry - this doesn't mean I don't love you!
I realize that you guys all had fun out in San Francisco........but did you get a designer original outfit JUST FOR ATTENDING? I was cracking up at the smokes so you can't see the darn jeans which are now my new favorite SL jeans. Yes I have favorite SL jeans, shut up. Thanks to Callie Cline for designing and donating this to us Bloghers in SL.
Did you get to go TUBING??

And more importantly - did they give you your OWN stock car? NO? Well........pity on you then :)

Seriously it was a great time,thanks to everyone who came and those of you who came and decided to STAY and live the wild pixel life with us - just give me a holler In World if you need anything.


A Mama's Blog (Heather) said...

I had a blast at BlogHer in SL- thanks to you. Thanks for all your help, and you do have cutest SL clothes. :-)

I do want a rematch though, on the mud wrestling. :-)

180360 said...

I am not sure what is better- your experience or mine at BlogWhore. :) There was no tubing to speak of at mine...