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Monday, January 14, 2008

To My Friend Mark

My Friend Mark recently lost his father.
I don't have anything really poignant to say......it all just seems sort of pointless in the face of such sadness really. And there is nothing lamer than virtual *hugs*.

Barbara wrote a lovely post, succinct and to the point.

If it were not for Mark and Babara,their long distance college romance and the early age "internet email" that connected them I wouldn't be here with you today. They were my first exposure to this fancy "email" thing. I think it might've been called "iMail" even.......I can't quite remember. Mark helped me and Mrs Repressed set up our first PC - which I think she bought from him. And rickety 486 that we had to adjust the jumpers on the motherboard to get the modem to work.

I love them both very much and miss them.

And Mark, I am really really sorry about your Dad.

If you have time, stop by Barbara's blog - and say hi. I'm sure they could use a howdy (however anyone caught sending *hugs* will be first against the wall when the revolution comes).


Barbara Raymond said...

Thanks, Bidgy. Mark & I are both very touched by your words of love and support. It really means a lot to us.

Things are still a bit rough around here, but the Family Repressed are planning to get Mark nice & drunk tomorrow, which may help a bit - if only for awhile.

I'm embarrassed to say that before now, I hadn't checked out your blog since just before Christmas. Mark & I are both so sad to read about your own recent loss... Words fail me. Of course, there are no magic words that could take away your pain and sadness (and I know better than to send you *hugs*). Just know that you and Scott are both in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you, too, and miss you all the time. It's just never quite as much fun around here without you. Please give my love to all the boys.