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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Warm Day and The Whistle Stop Cafe

While it's not Florida Warm here we've had a warm couple of days, with temps in the 60s during the day. Since we've been housebound in the cold icky weather recently we decided to get our munchkins out into the fresh air and sunshine for the afternoon.

Dauset Trails Nature Center is a really nice park located about an hour south of ATL. They have rescue animals there of various sorts, Hawks, bobcats bears,bison, deer, turkey and the like - plus a farm setting too. And lots of trails to walk and explore - and with no stroller this is fun fun fun, plus there are trees to hug and fun to have, especially when you are 5 and 3 and 3. I love the rescue aspect of it. These animals would be better off in the wild, except that many are injured and can't be rehabilitated. So they are cared for and enjoyed in this setting. It's quite lovely.

After our day letting them run in the fresh air - get ready girls - we went to the WHISTLE STOP CAFE! Yeah, that's right. The REAL Whistle Stop Cafe from FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!
It was so cool, I had the best time.

Of course we had to try to Fried Green Tomatoes, I'm not a fan but the hubby loved them (I'm not a fan in general but it seemed a moral imperative to try them).

And don't forget if you go - SECRET'S IN THE SAUCE!

It was a great family day out. I suppose now we'll have subzero temps for two months.


Dana J. Tuszke said...

Fried Green Tomatoes has always been one of my favorite movies, and I remember telling my dad that I wanted to go to the Whistle Stop after we'd seen the movie. He told me it didn't really exist.

Where is it exactly? What a fun trip!

Frank said...

Juliette, Georgia. It was a general store from 1927-1972. After the movie (1994), it was re-opened as a cafe due to new interest. So it was never a cafe beforehand, but it is very cool now.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a great time! I always imagined fried green tomatoes tasted something like fried zucchini-yes?

Queen of Spain said...

the movie was on the day you guys went. swear...thought of you as soon as I saw it on my guide!

fudgelady said...

Thanks for the Whistle Stop Cafe info! I may be in Atlanta this fall for a few days, and look forward to checking out the fried green tomatoes in person!

Great blog!