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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Ya'll

So we had snow a couple of days ago and it was lovely and then it went BYE BYE very quickly. But we were excited by it nonetheless.

However, weather.com said that we were going to get SNOW this weekend. With accumulation.

It was supposed to happen Saturday morning but when we woke up, there wasn't anything going on. Then as I was sitting here, mindlessly reading blogs I looked outside.......and guess what? Out of no where snow had started not only to fall but STICK! We were fairly excited so we had to don our winter gear and head to the park for the full on Winter experience. Keep in mind, these kids have never worn winter coats in their lives before this year much less hats or gloves.

They were not completely sure what to think about all of this SNOW business. But I think Baby Birth of Cool and I do a nice job of representing Mary and Rhoda - whaddya think? (Thanks for the hats Mom) Since we knew this might be our ONLY chance to see snow any time soon we had to do it all. So there was snowball throwing.

And then a snowman had died an earlier death, so we launched an attack on him.
He got what was coming to him, I promise you. And then because we DO value recycling around here, we scavenged dead snowman parts and made our OWN Snowman. Amazing, really, how when you grow up in the north it never occurs to you how important and exciting this stuff can be. Lil Satchmo was heartbroken the other day when the snow came and went so quickly, and said to me "can we please go touch the snow next time it comes?" and suddenly I was so sad. He hadn't ever TOUCHED snow and I had said NO to going outside because it was nighttime.

I felt like a heel. Because they will only ever be 5 and 3 and 3 once. And Never, Ever, in their entire lives will they exude so much joy about a really silly looking snowman.

Just for good measure here is some running around in the snow video.


Anonymous said...

Your boys are adorable (and so are you!), but I had no idea it snowed in Florida, like, ever. My friend Mimi lives in Georgia and she just posted photos of her boys making a whole snowman family! This is a weird winter we are having.

Anonymous said...

We live in Georgia now. Moved almost a year ago. Sorry, Elizabeth. Doesn't Gidge look cute?

Amy@UWM said...

Saw the "Snow Ya'll" title in my Blog Rush Widget and had to click over. Just knew it was another ATL mom. My girls flipped over the snow too...it drew my four year old outside just about every 30 minutes. Our snowman looked exactly like yours only it was half the size and had a fork stuck in each side (my husband's brilliant idea for arms). Good to meet another ATL mommy blogger. I take it you're not from these parts (neither am I...who is?).

Daisy said...

Love the snowman with the llllong nose! He'll have to watch out for rabbits. :) Trust me -- we're getting a bumper crop of snow this year up here in the Great Lakes region.

Anonymous said...

How great that the kids discovered snow! The pix and video were so cute --

After growing up in MA where we got snow out the wazoo, it's weird to be near Philly where we get a sledding day maybe once a year. My son wanted a New England snow experience, but he might think twice if he had to shovel a foot of the stuff!