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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Liberation Day 08 - Or "We've Eliminated Your Position Redux"

365 Days Ago my world got rocked. You see, I had sold my soul to some ruthless,vicious mutherfuckers who paid extraordinarily well. I let my life be ruled by men with little intelligence and serious small cock issues. (I presume they had short cocks by all the preening and posturing that would go on, possibly said cocks were quite large and just didn't work properly).

But they paid well.

I listened to conversations that bordered on illegal, were illegal, unethical and wrong.

Because they paid well.

I watched people lose their jobs, or be driven from their jobs. I watched the construction of the plans for more lives to be ruined, for lies to be told.

Because they paid well.

And after a time, it was my turn in the barrel.

On January 10 2007 my "position was eliminated." My family was thrown into turmoil. My biggest nightmares about no health insurance for my children - about insecurity and financial ruin came crashing down toward me.

So I went home and cried, for weeks.

It is one year later. I hear they held another purge, ruining more lives in the process, while those bastards making the plans held onto their paychecks one more year. People's lives came crashing down on them, again, exactly 365 days later.

And I?

Well, after working a full day at my rewarding and wonderful job where they treat me like a human and never ever scream obscenities, I went out and had a drink with my friend and co-worker Kimberly. Then I came home to my family, to our apartment overlooking the nature walk forest next to our home in the hills above Atlanta.
And I am happy. And relieved. And certain that I will never, ever work for rotten people just for a paycheck again.

To all my friends and enemies who got your world rocked yesterday and today (my Liberation Day 1st Anniversary)........I salute you. It gets better, I promise. You have no idea how happy you are going to be 365 days from now. And hell by then,we might have more people to tell that it's going to be okay. Hell I'm pretty sure that's 100% true - I think I've cracked their code!

And never, ever forget.......

...........YES They are Real!


Marketing Gorilla said...

I've got it out of my system too, even though my liberation day isn't for another two months. I caused enough havoc with the small cock men during the recent purge that I'm satisfied.

I swear I will not harass any of the current employees anymore.

But it was fun while it lasted.

I'm very happy you are happy.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Happy liberation day!

You put my boobs to shame.

Anonymous said...


coolbeans said...

Sometimes our nightmares prove dreams really do come true.

Congratulations on getting to the other side!