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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Mystery of the Disney Sinks

This past weekend my way of helping my fellow man was showing them how to work the sinks at Walt Disney World. These sinks perplex even the most seasoned travelers. People from Europe, Asia and the US wave their hands in earnest in front of the faucet in hopes of a squirt of water coming out.
Let me just be clear.
The sinks at Disney are not MOTION sensitive. They are light sensitive. This may be true of ALL of these so called automatic faucets. But I only know it to be true of the DISNEY WORLD resorts.
If you want water, take your left hand (that is the side the sensor is on) and BLOCK THE LIGHT from the sensor. You get a mighty stream of water that lasts as long as the light is blocked. There is some manuevering that has to be done, switching of hands etc, and bottle washing out is a bit tricky.
But no less than 4 times this past weekend I reached over and blocked the light on another struggling person's sink sensor to be given the biggest grin you've ever seen as a response. One lady said "Oh thank you, I've been for four days and I haven't been able to figure these darn things out."

I mostly believe that people don't like to be messed with, and I try not to meddle in other people's adult activities....and sink usage SEEMS like a basic thing that you shouldn't get into, especially in the realm of the bathroom. But I finally decided that I'm doing the rest of the park a favor by cutting down on germs by TEACHING people how to use these sinks.

I think Disney should pay me consulting services for this. I would gladly STAND in bathrooms demonstrating efficient sink usage.

In exchange, I want Premium Annual Passes for my family.
For life.

(Yeah I'm waiting on THAT phone call........)

Oh well.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You would GLADLY stand in the bathrooms at Disney all day?

You aren't normal. You know that, right?

Gidge said...

Just providing a service for my fellow man. And ridding soceity of harmful bacteria.
I think doing it for one day in exchange for annual passes is reasonable.

Becky said...

Hey, it's not any worse than the Europeans who have little old ladies standing guard to collect money. The evil ones don't get you going in. They wait until you're done and get you going out.

Devra said...

What about the paper towel dispenser? Light or motion?

Gidge said...

The paper towel dispensers vary from the kind you just pull out, to the crank kind, to stacks of them, to the automatic kind - which are also LIGHT activated.
Who needs Birnbaums? You know me.

Devra said...

I'm just relieved I can stop waving my hands around like a madwoman when I use those sinks as if I am casting a spell to get some water. Although compared to some of the weirdos I hear yelling on their cell phones in bathrooms, restroom witchcraft is far less rude.

Frank said...

You said, "restroom withcraft." You are the reason for all those wicked shits everyone takes.