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Monday, March 20, 2006

Coffee,Chocolate, Potato Chips and Omega 3 Fatty Acids

I just read some retarded study online that said that if you are in a bad mood that you should eat fish - apparently the study supports a theory that the Omega 3 Fatty acids improve your mood in some way. Now people, when I am in a bad mood, it's almost always due to your stupidity or my own PMS.
Will they put fillets of tilapia in the wheel of death at my office for these emergencies? Instead of shouting at someone to go get me a mocha java and demanding to know if it was their first day at work, I could have just requested they run get me a nice piece of tilapia.......and some rice?
"Are you a complete idiot? No? Then get me some Tilapia - STAT!"
I used to have to be at work QUITE early on a regular basis, 6am some days. Those who know me know that I am an unpleasant beast at that hour. My team that had to work with me at that time always had the coffee going by the time I hit the door so that all I had to do was pour a cup.
Chocolate, and salty snacks like chips are a complete stressed out food in my world. In cases of stress I have been known to eat them together. That would probably explain my great big butt, but that's another topic.
Am I supposed to seek out fish now? Is this what the study is suggesting?
Alright I'm not really this much of a jerk...I know that there probably was some cause and effect relationship to Omega 3 consumption and mood.

But isn't it every week that there is some NEW thing that is supposed to cure your bad mood? Dark chocolate, wine, omega 3. Let's just start making a pill. A pill that contains all of these things. It can replace Prozac. Everytime we discover something new that made someone somewhere happy, we add it to the pill. It would end up being a big pill, people. We might have to make it the human equivalent of a salt lick.....we all just stop by and take a few licks on our way out the door every morning.

I'm in. They can build the feel good salt lick right outside my office.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Yes, but the wine one is true.

Also true for beer.

Or hard liquor.

Mmmmm. Salt lick.

Odd Mix said...

Don't forget the peanutbutter!

Frequent cravings for Peanutbutter and Chocolate are actually considered indicative of depression. They both boost seratonin. I love me some Reeses.

Gidge said...

The could crush my magic pills up in peanut butter for us.

Becky said...

I'll take a salt lick too.

Devra said...

What about wine poached chocolate covered tilapia? I feel great knowing I am not gonna eat THAT. So maybe it would work to elevate someone's mood. Hmmmm.