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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cipro and Box Wine

This post is about two things, Cipro, and Box Wine.
First, the Cipro. Yes I'm BACK on antibiotics with the sinus infection that ate Manhattan and once again it's the dreaded Cipro. I certainly hope this stuff cures ANTRHAX better than Sinus Infections as it seems like as soon as I'm off of it for two weeks I'm sick as hell again. But I'd like to complain most about one of it's instructions "Do not take with Dairy Products". What? What the hell? Nonfat Dairy is a staple food. I eat craploads of it. Nonfat yogurt, nonfat milk in my coffee....what are you DOING to me Cipro? Plus, if I don't take my yogurt then you give me the yeast infection from hell. I thank you for the good health and all, but you are annoying me for the 4th or 5th time, since JANUARY.

And now, the box wine. When we went to the park Saturday, we really thought that glass containers would not be allowed. I really wanted some wine, but in all honesty, I am not a wine expert. I am a joke of a wine drinker. Beer - now Beer I can talk. Wine......well, Riunite Royal Raspberry is okay with me. But while I had planned to pick up a chardonnay or pinot grigio (things I usually like) rather than a shiraz (the unknown...I just keep hearing that word) not being able to take in glass bottles would be a problem. So we said to hell with it and picked up a box of random blush box wine.
Dude, it's good.
I am embarrassed to say so, but I liked it.
There was a classy gay couple sitting on the blanket in front of us. They had candles and wine glasses and what looked like good wine. Well, it looked like good wine, how would I know?
But I can tell you that as I rolled around on the grass with my kids......the occasional sip of crappy box wine from a plastic cup made me pretty happy.

So don't invite me to your fancy wine party. I'll probably have a yeast infection and be all pissed off anyway.


Becky said...

Check out my wine-box cover. Come on over, and we'll fancy up that wine box before we drink it.

April Brandon said...

I'm sorry that you are sick....again!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'll keep that in mind.

(Note to self: only invite Bridgette to BEER parties)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm, yeast infection.

Odd Mix said...

You're just not supposed to take it at the same time. Surely you don't have to eat yogurt around the clock to avoid, um... isues, do you?

Gidge Uriza said...

You have to eat a LOT of yogurt to stop it or prevent it. You just eat one a day to keep them at bay in your general life.....but if you are taking something that is a KNOWN um....irritant, it's time to seriously dose up on the yogurt.
Stupid Cipro.