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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baby Ruth Rides Again

So tonight in a fit of misbegotten efficiency I decided that I would bathe all three boys together. Into the tub all three went. Bubbles (yea!) and scrubbing with fun fruity smelling soap and washing the hair. Charlie hates the tub so he was fussing about not wanting to sit down but all in all a good time was being had by all. Scott was in the living room doing some cleaning while the kids were all out of the cool pen (Louis's name for the living room which is gated off).
A fine evening was being had.....lots of giggles and bubbles and bath toys squirting.

And then.

"What is that?"


That is right. A poop. Floating in the tub.


I would've gotten my camera to document the floating horror......but by the time I rescued all the civilians and got them to safety, well an unpleasant disintregration had started.

I decided to jump in with the bleach and start cleaning rather than documenting for the web. Sorry.

I was also worried about people googling "poop" and getting a thrill out of a photo. You sick bastards.


Becky said...

Good times.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

My brother did that to me once. He pooped while we were in the tub. My Dad always says it is the fastest he has ever seen me move - getting away from the poop.

Ian pooped in the tub too, but from what I understand (my father-in-law was bathing him) Claudia was already safely out of the bath.

tammy said...

Eric did that once. He didn't want to get out of the tub & was mad when I made him. I got out the bleach also.

Anonymous said...

yeah, so Ben did that once while taking a bath. Just a little disgusting to go to check on him and see him completely laying back in brown water up to his ears. Absolutely did not phase him in the least.