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Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4th Is My Happy Place

When my Dad was failing, as his mind wandered off, he went to his happy place - our Aunt Ruth's farm. I've been thinking a lot about it, about what is MY happy place? I think it might be July 4th.

As a holiday goes, it was one of our big ones in my childhood. It was a special day where all the neighbors came together, huge tables pulled out of seemingly invisble spaces, folding chairs came from WHERE I don't know and suddenly there was food for miles. It was a full day celebration and we spent it all together as a family. There was only happiness and laughter, and the night ended with the big fireworks from the fairgrounds which could be seen from the backyard.

For the first time since we became a family one of us wasn't going to be with us for the holiday - the oldest boy has BOY SCOUT camp. I'm pretty much grumbling like mad over this as aren't Boy Scouts supposed to be ALL ABOUT FAMILY so why are they taking my kid away ON A BIG FAMILY DAY? Regardless, he's there, doing Scout things and probably having an excellent time.

We decided that we would spend our July 4 time together BEFORE he went, and I confess that despite being miffed he isn't here today, we had a pretty good time.
On the First we went to Stone Mountain for their big fireworks event and rode the train and generally had a pretty darn good time. They really do a nice Fireworks event there, we hadn't been to it for the 4th celebration before.
These are the times I like the best, when we're doing silly things together as a family. Even riding this silly train and watching their corny show is a great time.

We had dinner at the train station and I had replaced my memory of the food with that of Six Flags - I had forgotten than their food at Stone Mountain is actually really good. Thus I was able to check off my "tasty food for the 4th" box on my list of must haves.
The laser show at Stone Mountain is sort of - well - lame. But the kids think it's fun so ok. But the fireworks were amazing this year and beautiful to watch.
We had fireworks at home the next night,keeping the family tradition of sparklers and exploding things in the street alive and well.
Everyone got to have sparklers and then we blew things up into the street. It was a pretty good evening. 

I'll leave you with our first picture at Stone Mountain - to our most recent. A lot can happen in 8 years. Or is it 9? Man I can't even remember.

Hmmm something damaged that first pic. :( Oh well.