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Friday, July 22, 2016

Flirting With Grandpa

I was minding my own business watching Julia do her thing down on the floor at Gymnastics when I realized the older gentleman near me was talking to me.

We sat and chatted, about kids - he was there with his granddaughter. We talked about sports for kids and how important they can be and about the time he moved over closer to talk I realized - HE WAS CHATTING ME UP.

I'm notoriously blind to these sorts of overtures, often times my husband points them out and then teases me that I didn't notice. I guess I just never assumed TALKING to someone had to be MOTIVATED.

So there I am chatting with this old dude. He's nice enough, but he's also being cautiously flirty, and I'm amused as the conversation drifts towards hints of his physical prowess, he still rides skateboards he informs me."Good for you, old dude," I think, as he talks about how he travels for work and always takes his skateboard if he goes to Florida because he can ride it there so easily.

"You wouldn't remember but skateboards were a huge craze in the 70s too, the boards were different -smaller- that's when I got my first board and fell in love with it back when I was a kid," he tells me.

I laughed and told him I did in fact remember the skateboard craze of the 70s, I had a board back then.

"Well how is that possible. When were you born?" he asked incredulously.

"1968," I answered.

That's when it got weird.

When was the old dude born?



Either I am quite out of touch with my appearance or this guy needs to learn about STAYING OUT OF THE SUN because I'd have pegged him in his 60s. A HEALTHY 60s but still, 60s.

Now where is my face cream...