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Friday, July 01, 2016

All Together Now...

Miles has a new song. I couldn't figure out how he'd learned it for a long time, until I fired up our DVR version of Charlie Brown Christmas and ran into the Kohls/Nike hybrid commercial featuring racing Santas to the Beatles ALL TOGETHER NOW.

He sings it when he's happy, he sings it when he's agitated. It's become something I can redirect him with sometimes when he's winding up...I start softly "1..2..3..4..can I have a little more...5..6...." and he will hop in, especially at the I LOVE YOU parts.

Sometimes we all sing along with him. It's a fitting anthem to us. We're all together, in all things. That's how we roll. Maybe it makes us clannish or weird, but mostly we'd rather be with the six of us than with anyone else. Even when we want to escape the six of us we miss us when we're not together.

We were having our family snuggles, six on the queen bed is getting a bit tight lemme tell you, and I was just thinking how that's just our song. All together now. It's better than the wedding vows, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer etc. No. That's not it.

We're all together now...all together now....I LOVE YOU.

I've been having some amazing days with these little ones and it makes me so glad I have them in my life. Today the big brother is building the little sister a fort in the living room.
They're all going to be down there shortly playing in that fort - it's just a matter of time.
A B C D can I bring my friend to tea? E F G H I J ...I LOVE YOU...

Julia suggests we have a tea party with coffee.

Maybe we will.