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Monday, February 29, 2016

The One Where The Varsity Did Us Wrong

It began so well. We had a really happy, fun day which I will have to write about some other time. This post isn't about that. We decided to end our day with a trip to one of our favorite places, The Varsity, for dinner.
We love the place and have made an Easter time trek there many years. But we had such a great day yesterday that we decided we would go, it would be a great treat.
Even with the really long wait for food (they were slammed) the twins were happy and content, knowing that some of their favorite food was coming soon.
We ate happily, chatting as a great big family of dorks enjoying our calorie rich feast. Then we headed home and planned our evening around the Oscars.

I headed upstairs to change diapers and get on pajamas while Julia started a breathing treatment downstairs. I had promised her a pajama party you see, so that was the plan, pajamas and Oscars. I was beginning to change Miles when Charlie walks in, gets the doorway and unleashes a torrent of puke. He takes two steps forward and does it again. All of the door and the floor.

Thus began the evening that the Varsity did us wrong. I'm not sure if they have an employee who is ill with some sort of virus or they mishandled food in some way but one thing is clear, those of us who ate the Chilli and the cheeseburgers became violently sick in a night that hasn't ended. My oldest boy just did another round of puking at 9:30 am. The only person in our house who isn't horribly sick is the girl, who took one bite of hot dog, a few bites of fries and ate nothing else except cheese sauce. Miles puked all over the living room, and his bed, Charlie puked in his bed around 3 am or something. I'm not sure, eventually I lost track of time. The last time on the clock was 5 am when I was waking up because my husband was taking care of someone or I was, again - I forget. Up and down, up and down every hour or less.

My husband is terribly sick also but he's got a will of steel and despite needing to vomit he knuckled down and took care of us. There is something so comforting about SOMEONE being the adult in charge.

As for me, they twins got me up at 8 am and I can barely think. I'm having a coffee which my insides tell me is ill advised but I don't even care. I'm so tired I will end up asking my husband to take the reins sometime after breakfast as I'm not well myself.

I asked Louis, after his last round of puking, "Are you ok?"
His response, "Physically yes, emotionally - no."

Looks like we're off the Varsity for a long while.