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Monday, February 15, 2016

So Much Valentine's So Much Love

So Valentine's Day has come and gone and we celebrated in our way, with a family day and lots of treats. The girl had her first ever Valentine's Party at school and was pretty much the most excited girl EVER to bring home her box of love notes to show us. Apparently it was a pretty amazing party.

I told my husband to choose the breakfast for our special day. I had originally thought PANCAKES but he really wanted some of my really eggy french toast. Alton Brown says I'm making it wrong but he and I are just gonna have to disagree on this one.

I would've made him anything he wanted, though. On the 13th you see, his mother died.

He's handling it better than I did but we are different people. It doesn't lessen the loss, regardless of how he handles it. But on Valentine's day I would've made him a souffle (well I would've tried)  or any other damn thing he wanted. What he mostly wanted was to sleep for a lot of the day, and I can support that wholeheartedly. I endeavored to make the day fun and keep the kids busy so that it was a day they would remember positively.

In the middle of making our french toast, Julia took one bite of a banana and declared herself full. It was really a perfect banana, and I didn't feel like eating at all and I hated to waste it. Internet to the rescue - I found a recipe for "ONE banana" banana bread and Miles set to work mixing while I finished the french toast.
I don't even like banana bread, but my husband does so I thought maybe this would be something full of love to eat today. Miles did a spectacular job mixing.

Pretty much after I got breakfast done I had to start working on lunch as I wasn't sure about it and it was an experiment. I saw these "pizza roses" all over the internet yesterday and I wanted to make them for fun for Valentine's day. So we cleaned up breakfast (I CLEANED UP) and got to work.

This was another activity for the kids and I to do together, the little people helped with putting on the pepperoni and smearing the sauce. Charlie mostly ate the pepperoni. If I said "hey don't eat the pepperoni we need it" he would reply "OH NO!"
Not really romantic date food but it was super fun kid lunch food. Julia said "We always make fun stuff together. I wonder if everyone does this?" That made me pretty happy.
We ended our night in our family tradition of cards, candy and presents. The girl got a new pony to love and pretty much was the most excited girl on the block.
My hubby got me a beautiful cameo and an IOU for the new waterproof fitbit when it comes out.
It's a weird thing to realize that you're the adults now. Even having a family, when you have that patriarchal/matriarchal presence, somehow you have that someone to defer to. You have someone to ask, someone to lean on. For both my husband and me, now, we are the someone.  We are unquestionably the adults in our own lives and families not just in our own house.

We spent our first Valentine's day as orphans together, surrounded by the family we made, and showered our children with love. We made silly treats, snuggled all six of us in a queen bed in the afternoon while my husband played music on his phone.

Onward, into the rest of our lives. I hope every day is as good as yesterday. It was pretty good.